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The Smoking Gun

November 28, 2016 • Alana

Welcoming the grand opening of skateboard cleaning supplies. Where the best information and knowledge come together for everyone’s benefit (but mostly you the reader). What we plan to achieve here is something special, we want to great a site that publishes great content weekly and has a lot of return readers.

The smoking gun is the gun used to start the race, once it smokes everything starts to happen.

We don’t expect the site to blossom overnight, however, we do hope that we will make a small dent in 18 months.

If you’re reading this you have arrived at the party a little too early, though the advantage of this party is that you can come and go anytime you please and there’s only the short short commute of how long it takes for the page to load.

Please be sure to bookmark the page and check back soon once we start to get everything going.

Thanks and stick around for the rest.


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